NEW Announcement!!!

EXCLUSIVE Study Group!!!! 


I'm setting up this PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE study group for all my SMART Mandarin students.  Click HERE to join this group if you are a SMART Mandarin paid member. :) 


What's a paid member?

A paid member is one who….

1. who purchase any packages on our website (Click HERE to see our online lesson packages)

2. who purchase my eBook- 5 Essential Topic of Mandarin Chinese for Beginners. 

(The book will be coming out next month. December 2018)

3. who are my Skype student


You'll have the privilege to join this group, ask any questions of Mandarin Chinese, and practice Chinese here in our private land! 


What can you do in this group?

In this group, every member is able to ask questions about Chinese, give your suggestions of my lessons, practice your Chinese, getting to know other people who's also learning Mandarin, and I'll upload some short video lesson ONLY TO THIS GROUP. And you won't see it anywhere else.


How can you become one of our members?

You can go to my website

And join us by purchasing one of the online video lesson packages.

Don’t worry! You won’t be kicked out of the group once your membership duration is over. I won’t force you keep purchasing my lessons.


Got any questions?

Please contact me here! J