Dear Students,

I'm thinking about making new audio lessons - HSK 1 Listening Comprehension.
This audio series will contain passage readings and conversations of level 1
(HSK 1 level).
All the readings and conversations in this series will be daily life context.
So here is the trial of this new audio series.

If you are interested, please click HERE to get the audio.
And please meail me to let me know if you need the PDF file of this lesson.
Look at the PDF handout as you listen to the audio.
The vocabulary part comes first, then the passage listening. 
Try to do the exercise by filling in the blanks, and the answer will be at the end of my worksheet.

Please do let me know what do you think of this new series, 
I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions so much!
Or any topics you would like to learn from this section.
I'll be working on this series after I finish HSK 1 vocabulary video lessons. 
And hopefully launch this audio listening comprehension by the end of this year or beginning of next year! :)


xie xie 謝謝