Hello guys, 大家好

I have an announcement here which is that I officially launched HSK 1 Vocabulary Video lesson course series!!!!

I’m very excited about this new series for many reasons.

1.     It’s been highly requested by my online viewers and students.

       They all benefited a lot from videos like this.

2.     This series idea is coming from my experience of learning German     also by online video lessons. So I’m sure it will help you with building your vocabulary bank and building proper Chinese sentences.


In this series, each video contains 5 new vocabulary of HSK 1 level, and I have examples for all the new vocabulary in the video also teaching you how to use the new vocab at the same time.


The videos are all controlled within 6 mins long so you won’t feel too overwhelming learning from them. Oh btw, I’ll read all examples in Mandarin fist without any text, so you can train your listening comprehension while learning new vocabs.

After each lesson, I encourage students build their own sentences from the new words they just learned or a short passage in Mandarin. Then send it to me so I can check and send my correction to them.

I’m certain that this will surely improve your vocabulary bank, listening and speaking!!

One friendly reminder for you before trying out this new series

You have to finish our pronunciation and Intro to Chinese video series before watching this one because you can’t just watch without knowing how to pronounce Mandarin properly and without know the basic structures, grammars of Mandarin.


If you want to have a test of my vocabulary video lesson, welcome to check out the link in the description box below.


If you are interested in joining my lesson, please visit my website



I’ll see you in class! J